bring your story to life. 

Georganne Hassell offers professional writing, editing and media consulting services. With ten years of writing and editing experience, Georganne has penned too many words to count, and has her own epistles tucked in corners of her office, in the nightstand, and probably in her purse. Her education and experience is diverse and accredited, and she earned a Master of Arts degree in journalism from Regent University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Delaware. She also earned an Associate of Arts degree in Portuguese from the US military's esteemed Defense Language Institute.

Georganne’s previous career was as a public relations officer for the US military where she led writers, editors, photographers and broadcasters to help tell the story of the military’s work at home and abroad. She also prepared subject matter experts and senior officials for interviews in all media outlets. After completing her military service, Georganne began freelance writing and editing full time and has been fortunate to experience some fantastic travels along the way. After three years abroad in Brazil, she is excited to return to the US and continue writing and editing. Georganne is delighted to dedicate her energy to your words and your voice. View her resume here.