Hi, I’m Georganne.

But you can call me G.

I’ve gone by just an initial for my whole life and gotten pretty comfortable with it. I’m also pretty comfortable with helping anyone tell their story. That all started with my school days spent walking home from the library with two armfuls of books. The trend continued into my college years when I studied English and journalism, and found my penchant and talent for writing. I believe being a solid writer is also about being a solid editor, so I added that to my educational and professional experience and found that editing can be as fun as writing.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I still kept an arm full of books, but I freed up my right hand to take an oath that would change my life forever. I swore to protect and defend the Constitution as an officer in the US Air Force. My military career not only showed me the world but the amazing people in it, and I was honored to tell the story along the way as a public affairs officer. I worked with and led writers, editors, photographers and broadcasters to help tell the story of the military’s work at home and abroad. I was so thrilled to be in the storytelling business that I earned my MA in journalism in my free time, which made my 20’s quite the adventure.

When my military service was complete I looked forward to a new chapter. I began freelance writing and editing which allowed me to continue pursuing my passion for storytelling. Along the way I’ve learned extensively about communication, social media and marketing which allows me to help clients tell their story through any medium.

While writing is my first love, I have also discovered other passions. Traveling was a dream first realized when I studied abroad in the land of my forefathers, Italy, and since then I have been fortunate enough to see more of the world that I would have imagined. I learned to speak Portuguese and lived in Brazil for three years, which made my thirst for experiencing other cultures only more intense. While in Brazil I pursued my professional instructor certification for my long-standing practice of yoga. I also bought a horse. Because that’s practical! I volunteered countless hours on the farm where my horse was stabled, and decided to further my equine knowledge by starting a colt (not a cult) with the Universidade do Cavalo’s training program (that means I took a horse that had never been ridden and trained him to safely accept a saddle, bit, reins and rider). I found that yoga, meditation and equines go together beautifully and traveled to Costa Rica for an internship with Kindred Spirits to explore this idea more. I’ve since left the tropics to live in Utah where I continue my freelance work, my yoga practice, and my equine pursuits.